⭐ Words have power. But only if you understand what someone is saying. So Toucan is on a mission to make the world multilingual. That’s a pretty amazing goal and we need equally amazing people to help us achieve it.

At the moment, we’re reshaping how people learn by integrating it into each person’s daily life. But that’s only the beginning. We’re committed to creating awesome products and building a team that leads a balanced, healthy life, because that’s how the best products come about.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider joining the flock at Toucan. We've been absolutely humbled by the amount of interest to date. We created this public Notion document in order to keep you posted on all of our open full-time roles as well as share information around what it's like to actually work at Toucan. We're excited to hear from you and muito obrigado!

Taylor Nieman, Founder & CEO

Taylor Nieman, Founder & CEO

Shaun Merritt, Founder & CTO

Shaun Merritt, Founder & CTO

Brandon Dietz, Founder & CPO

Brandon Dietz, Founder & CPO

Core Values

Wonder ⭐

Noun: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Verb: desire or be curious to know something.

The world is a pretty amazing place with opportunities that can be created and manifested by talented, cohesive teams. So let’s take moments to imagine. To dream. To wonder.

How do we solve that crucial problem for people? How do we help people in ways they’ve never considered? How might lives change if we do really well by others?

As a team member at Toucan, you are consistently amazed by the ideas, people, and technology you work with on a daily basis. You use that admiration to fuel your excitement and growth for yourself as well as for Toucan.

Empathy 💌

Noun: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We all come from different points of view and walks of life - all of which can contribute to a great community and great products. Make efforts to understand where others are coming from and what they’re experiencing.

Whether this is an in-office disagreement or new product development, we’re here to help each other. And to do that, we have to understand each other first.

As a team member at Toucan, you can empathize with your team, as well as our users. You are able to communicate with all stakeholders and know that communication without empathy is communication without understanding the root issue.

Impact 🚀